Looper (2012)

Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt

It is the year 2044. Time travel has yet to be invented, but 30 years in the future it has and they have the ability to send people back through time to be destroyed and for the remains to be exhumed with no trace of the discovery. This is the work of a Looper.

Joe (Gordon-Levitt) is a Looper and he is assigned to be at a certain location at a certain time and date for his next assignment. A kneeling figure with a sack over his head is transported back through time and promptly killed by Joe with his remains being incinerated. This is the daily task for Joe and his reward is paid in silver bullions.  His partner and friend, Seth (Paul Dano) turns up at Joe’s apartment one night with grave news. His last assignment was what is referred to as a “Closed Loop” a situation where the assassin’s future self is transported back to be killed by his younger self in reward of gold bullions thus closing the loop and offering the Looper an “early” retirement. The older Seth tells him of a being in the future known only as “The Rainmaker” who is on a one man mission to wipe out all the loops. Seth’s older self escapes and Seth goes on the run only to be captured after Joe is bribed by the firm to give up his location.

Shortly after the incident, Joe arrives at his next assignment and patiently waits for his victim only for the appearance of his older self (Willis), without the sack over his head. The older Joe quickly overpowers his younger self and goes on the run leaving his younger version to do the same. Utilising the difference in time to be able to communicate, the pair meet up again both with different missions. His older self tells him of a woman he needs to meet in order to save his life and instructs his younger self to meet her. He also tells him of the young boy who watches his mother murdered and later takes the guise of “The Rainmaker”. The pair are separated again and it is up to the young Joe to then stop his older self killing the boy to break the time continuum.

“Looper” offers a complex plot, but easily understandable when broken down and with just under two hours on screen provides pure adrenaline hit action and fast pace. Headed by the uber-powerful duet of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, Looper promises to deliver from the outset.  There are, however, some mis-casted characters. The usually brilliant Jeff Daniels looked lost and uncomfortable in a role that didn’t quite suit his abilities and there are some of the ‘lesser’ characters which didn’t fit into the style of the film.  There were also the prosthetics used on Gordon-Levitt to make him look more like a younger version of Bruce Willis which were off putting. Credit to him as a method actor though as he researched and watched the back catalogue of Willis’ work to adapt the correct posture and mannerisms for his performance.

Looking passed the minor flaws, the film offers a genuinely entertaining story one of which requires a mind to see though the impossibilities and to be free in thought.  There will always be  imperfections when dealing with the idea of time travel. It is a tricky subject to convey into story, but too much thought will ruin a film. Just sit back and enjoy.



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  1. Is your rating the 8? Do you usually put it like that?x


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